Classic Pranks to Play on Siblings Sibling Shenanigans

As children, it’s natural for siblings to spend a lot of time together. And with that comes the inevitable sibling rivalry and mischief-making. While arguments and teasing may be a common occurrence between siblings, so are pranks. From harmless jokes to elaborate schemes, playing pranks on siblings is a favorite pastime for many. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of classic pranks to play on siblings, also known as “sibling shenanigans.”


If you grew up with siblings, then you know firsthand how much fun it can be to pull pranks on each other. It’s a way to bond, have a good laugh, and make memories together. Classic pranks have been passed down through generations and are still popular today. Whether you are the oldest, middle, or youngest child, there are plenty of pranks to go around. These pranks range from simple and silly to complex and elaborate. But no matter the type, they all have one thing in common – they will leave your siblings laughing and wanting revenge.

The Top 6 Classic Pranks to Play on Siblings

Classic Pranks to Play on Siblings Sibling Shenanigans

1. The Toothpaste Oreo Prank

How to do it: Take a handful of Oreo cookies and carefully remove the white cream filling. Replace the filling with toothpaste and put the cookies back together. Leave them out for your unsuspecting sibling to find and enjoy.

Example: Let’s say your younger sister loves Oreos and always has a couple before bed. One night, swap out her beloved snack with the toothpaste-filled ones. When she takes a bite, she’ll be in for a surprise. And don’t worry, the toothpaste won’t harm her, but it will definitely give her a rude awakening.

Comparison: The toothpaste Oreo prank is a classic and harmless prank that has been around for years. It’s a great way to give your sibling a little scare while also getting a good laugh yourself. Plus, it requires minimal effort and ingredients, making it an easy prank to pull off.

Advice: While this prank may seem simple, it’s crucial to make sure the toothpaste you use is safe to eat. Avoid using toothpaste with harsh chemicals or fluoride, as these can be harmful if ingested. Stick to basic, kid-friendly toothpaste brands for this prank.

2. The Fake Spider Scare

How to do it: Find a small plastic spider and attach a piece of string to it. Place the spider in a spot where your sibling will least expect it, like inside a closet or under their pillow. When they find it, tug on the string to make the spider move and watch them scream in terror.

Example: Imagine your older brother hates spiders, and you know he’s afraid of finding one in his room. Hide the fake spider under his pillow and wait for him to discover it. As soon as he does, give the string a gentle tug, and watch him jump out of his skin.

Comparison: The fake spider scare prank is a classic and easy prank that never gets old. It’s perfect for siblings who have a fear of spiders or other creepy crawlies. Plus, it’s a great way to get back at a sibling who loves to scare you.

Advice: Make sure the plastic spider you use looks realistic enough to cause a scare. You can even add some fake webbing or place it strategically on a wall to make it seem more convincing.

3. The Brown E Trick

How to do it: Take a regular brown “E” and stick it on your sibling’s forehead without them noticing. Watch as they go about their day with an “E” on their forehead, much to the amusement of others.

Example: Your little brother is always playing pranks on you, and you want to get him back. While he’s watching TV, sneak up behind him and stick an “E” on his forehead. Keep a straight face, and wait for him to realize what’s going on.

Comparison: The Brown E trick is a classic and simple prank that never fails to make people laugh. It’s perfect for siblings who like to joke around with each other and have a good sense of humor.

Advice: Make sure the brown “E” looks convincing enough to pass off as a real letter. You can even use a sticker or draw it yourself on paper and cut it out.

4. The Water Balloon Surprise

How to do it: Fill up a few water balloons and hide them in your sibling’s room. When they least expect it, jump out and throw the balloons at them. Watch as they try to dodge the water and get soaked in the process.

Example: It’s a hot summer day, and you and your siblings are playing outside. While your sister isn’t looking, grab a few water balloons and hide them in her room. Once she goes inside, surprise her by throwing the balloons at her, much to her dismay.

Comparison: The water balloon surprise is a classic and fun prank that’s perfect for siblings who live in warmer climates. It’s also a great way to cool down on a hot day and get some laughs in the process.

Advice: Make sure to clean up the mess afterward and avoid using too many water balloons, as it can lead to a big cleanup and wasted water.

5. The Fake Phone Call Prank

How to do it: Use an app or website that allows you to create fake phone calls. Choose a scenario and phone number, then hand the phone to your sibling and watch their reaction as they believe they are talking to a famous celebrity or someone they admire.

Example: Your younger brother is obsessed with a certain celebrity, and you know he would be ecstatic if he got a chance to talk to them. Use a fake phone call app, choose the celebrity’s name and number, and have your brother answer the phone. Watch as he goes from disbelief to excitement and back to disbelief when he realizes it was all just a prank.

Comparison: The fake phone call prank is a modern twist on classic prank calls. It’s perfect for siblings who love to joke around and have a good sense of humor. Plus, it can be easily personalized to suit your sibling’s interests.

Advice: Make sure the fake phone call sounds realistic and doesn’t give away that it’s a prank too quickly. You can even use a friend’s voice or pre-record the conversation for added effect.

6. The Ice Water Wake-Up Call

How to do it: Fill up a large cup or bucket with ice-cold water and carefully place it above your sleeping sibling’s head. Use a string to tie the bucket or cup to the door handle or something sturdy. When your sibling opens the door, they’ll get drenched in freezing water.

Example: Your older sister loves to sleep in and hates being woken up abruptly. Set up the ice water wake-up call by her bedroom door and wait for her to wake up and open the door. She’ll go from a peaceful slumber to an icy awakening.

Comparison: The ice water wake-up call is a classic and hilarious prank that’s sure to leave your sibling wide awake and ready to seek revenge. It’s perfect for siblings who like to play practical jokes on each other.

Advice: Be careful when setting up the bucket or cup and make sure it doesn’t fall on your sibling’s head. You can also use colored water or add some ice cubes for added effect.


Classic Pranks to Play on Siblings Sibling Shenanigans

Q: Are these pranks safe to play on siblings?

A: All the pranks mentioned in this article are harmless and safe to play on siblings. However, it’s always essential to consider your sibling’s feelings and avoid any pranks that may cause harm or distress.

Q: What age is appropriate for playing pranks on siblings?

A: The age of appropriateness for pranks may vary from family to family. However, it’s crucial to make sure the pranks are age-appropriate and that everyone involved has a good sense of humor.

Q: Can these pranks be modified for adults?

A: Absolutely! These pranks can be used on siblings of all ages, including adults. Just make sure to adjust them accordingly and consider the person’s sense of humor.

Q: How do I avoid getting in trouble for playing pranks on my siblings?

A: It’s essential to make sure that your pranks are harmless and that you take responsibility for any mess or inconvenience caused by them. Also, it’s best to offer to clean up after yourself and apologize if your sibling gets upset.

Q: What if my sibling gets mad at me for playing a prank on them?

A: If your sibling gets upset, it’s crucial to apologize and make it up to them. Remember, pranks should be lighthearted and fun, not hurtful or mean.


Playing pranks on siblings is a classic pastime that will never go out of style. From simple and silly tricks to elaborate and creative schemes, there are plenty of pranks to choose from. Just remember to have a good sense of humor, be safe, and avoid causing harm or distress to your siblings. Happy pranking!

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